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Silent disco is the latest craze in experiencing music and event sound. Event attendees wear wireless headphones to hear a DJ, live band, playlist, or any other entertainment option provided. The best part is that each individual has control of their experience. Users can choose between three channels of fun! We provide Silent Disco options for afterparties, outdoor situations and any event that could use the benefits of a noiseless party.

Silent Disco at Hawaii Wedding

After the show is the after party. The problem is, where can we have an after party? With silent disco you can have an after party anywhere you want. Hotel ballrooms, outdoor terraces, or even a blocked off street can be the perfect spot to have a silent disco after party without any worry of noise violations.

Silent Disco, Hawaii Wedding DJ

Intensify your music experience with 3-Channel LED headphones. The colorful, electric and vibrant headphone allows you to personalize your musical journey by giving you three music channels to choose from with corresponding LED colors and a range of over 200 yards!

Silent Disco Packages:

Phantom Silent Afterparty:     $1,599 (3 Hours)

Up to 100 Headphones

2 Phantom DJs

1 Live DJ

Double DJ Silent Afterparty:     $2,099 (3 Hours)

Up to 100 Headphones

1 Phantom DJ

2 Live DJs

Ultimate Silent Afterparty:     $2,499 (3 Hours)

Up to 100 Headphones

3 Live DJs

If you haven't already seen or experienced a silent disco, take a look at the videos below for an in-depth look at the growing phenomenon that is now available here on Oahu with The Perfect Wedding DJs, the official Sound Off Experience partner of Hawaii.

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